Africa and Rwanda: From Crisis to Socioeconomic Development

Speaker: His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda

Perceptions and stereotype of Africa and Rwanda as perpetual basket cases and donor havens only sustained by aid, charity and pity no longer correspond to contemporary development of the past decade. Rwanda, under the leadership of one of Africas most able leaders, President Paul Kagame has undertaken considerable reforms leading to serious domestic and foreign investment.

President Kagame has single-handedly redefined the way African leaders should engage the best of the Western and Eastern world. He has appointed some the world’s greatest minds in business and strategic investment to his council of economic advisers. President Kagame also put Rwanda on the global map by hosting UN secretary-general Ban-Ki Moon and US President George W. Bush.

Some of the recent indicators that prove President Kagames esteem with world leaders include his appointment by Bill Clinton to the board of the Clinton Global Initiative. Tony Blair also recently became the Rwandan Governments advisor for no fees; Bill Gates has personally been working closely with President Kagame in supporting the health sector in Rwanda. Paul Farmer, a Harvard professor and world’s leading authority on public health-care in poor countries is advising President Kagame to develop one of the most innovative national health insurance systems in the world.

The strategic alliances between Rwanda/Kagame and some of the leading minds in business and politics around the globe are yielding good results. Improvements in health care, increased education opportunities, an investor-friendly environment and the transformation of the city of Kigali are some of the accomplishments that have started to take root in the country.
Rwanda is also aggressively seeking business opportunities with Asia. Dubai World has just signed a US$230m investment deal in Rwanda. The government of Singapore has been hired to advise Rwanda on how to build a modern city that serve as the region’s service centre.

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