Are there any books for Beer Marketing or Business Development for Beer Industry?

Marketing and Business Development in Beer Industry is always considered tacky business. The beer consumption in countries like India, China, Vietnam are growing at a fast pace, however companies trying to sell their product in these countries do encounter tough issues like laws against direct advertising and marketing of alcohol and tobacco products. In such cases a marketer has to be smart and use various surrogate marketing tools and techniques to promote the product.

Hello. Unfortunately the liquor industry is a highly controlled industry in India. I was doing a project along the same lines with Stan C for my summers. You would have to use some contact and request for the information from the Central Excise Dept at Fort Mumbai.

But that was in 2005 – 06, i dont know if the Govt has got more liberal with info sharing now.

I had done a entry strategy for foreign beer brands such as Sab Miller PLC and Cobra Beer. It was good Fun although i am a tee-tottler. !

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