Best Photo Lab for my custom photo invitations?

I’ve had a small side business that I create custom photo invitations for parties and baby annoucements.

Lately, I’ve been concentrating on my "real job" and have not done much with it. I want to find a great Photo Lab in my area or maybe even on-line lab to print my work. I just want to get this ball rolling again.

Any suggestions on Photo labs you have dealt with using your custom work? I will be printing 4 x 6 and some 5×7 photo invites and need a quick turnaround time. Hoping to print using matt Fuji Paper and a lab with competive prices.

I’m in the Sacramento California area.

Thank you in advance for your suggestions. has a great assortment of specialty items and their turn-around is very quick. Overnight service is available.

Originally posted 2010-08-05 16:04:47.