Business Development / Business Promotional Tips

Become a writer. I know this sounds daunting and you may not be interested in writing a book…yet. No problem; start small. You can

create monthly newsletters, accept subscriptions, generate income and expose your services and firm to a whole new audience.

Magazine editors of various trade publications are always looking for experts to write about what they know, and by the way, you are

an expert if you’re in business for yourself. I highly recommend publishing a book as well, I decided to self-publish my work. From that

point on I became more than a consultant. I became an author as well as an expert. Suddenly, I was able to book myself for large

(profitable) speaking engagements with firms that wouldn’t give me the time of day before. It’s the kind of exposure that creates a

buzz about your work which is precisely what you want. And once you’ve written that book, you’ll need to publicize it anyway which is

why I recommend Radio-TV Interview Report .It’s what TV producers use for finding talent to book on their shows.

Having trouble getting started? Contact for info on PR firms as well as workshops on writing a book.

They work with you regardless of your level of talent or venue (magazine writer, columnist, newsletter editor). And don’t forget to Blog.

Blogging is a new forum open to writers who want to publish their work on line. It’s a wonderful way of getting publicity for your

business but and allows you to fine tune your writing skills while you’re bringing in a few bucks. Check with to see what

blogging websites are available to you.

Advertising and Publicity is still key.

Contact Comcast Advertising to lease air time for a commercial about your firm, event, product or service. Usually

at a nominal rate and caters to growing firms.

Many of you already know about this next venue but I’ll mention it anyway. is a great way to promote

your firm event, service for free. You can publish on-line by simply writing the text (or better yet copy and paste from your website) and

posting it for 7-10 days (in the services offered section).Also great for finding prospects to contact.

Contact local smaller newspapers to see if they can post ads or do a story on your event-Great publicity. And often the

smaller newspapers will post at no charge

Offer to write an article for a local newspaper or national industry magazines on an applicable topic to promote your expertise. It’s an

excellent way to get free publicity for your firm’s services.

Attend networking events to get great tips from other professionals. You never know who

you might meet there (see info on my group-Something to Share Business Resource Group) Great for target marketing. It’s also a

great way to promote your firm. If you have the opportunity, become a guest speaker at an event. Often these event organizers are

looking for experts to come in with fresh ideas and info to share with their regulars.

Offer to promote services or products that you use often at speaking engagements in exchange for special rates etc. For example I

offer subscription certificates for the San Francisco Book of Lists and the San Francisco Business Times to workshop attendees. The

attendees receive free subscriptions when they attend (which generates business for me) and the publication gives me a reduced

rate on my subscription.

Don’t forget to send out direct mail postcards and e-mails to select individuals and businesses. Check out for

postcards, business cards etc that are very inexpensive but look great. Vistaprint also has special deals on their services for

example, Premium Business Cards for only $1.99. It’s where I get all of my cards!!

Don’t forget to use the phone. Making cold calls is still a great way to promote your work.

Offer some services such as consulting, at a discount or reduced rate. Attract attention by sending press releases, e-mail and direct

mail campaign. Or simply conduct a contest with the winner receiving your services at a pre-determined rate or better yet …Free!!

A newsletter is an effective way of marketing your services to a targeted audience. By sharing your expertise with a targeted

audience you not only promote your knowledge but your business and services as well. Think about creating a newsletter promoting

it through e-mail and direct mail campaigns. You can also publish online and offer discounts, promote new services etc.

deep raj

Originally posted 2015-10-07 06:26:32.