Does anyone know how to go about obtaining a small business loan in Ohio?

I probably would not qualify through the normal process (i.e. bank) due to high student loan debt, but I have heard about a small business loan through the ohio department of development.

I suggest you contact small business advocates in Ohio to help and guide you through the process of getting a small business loan.

Small Business Ombudsman
Office of Small Business
Ohio Department of Development
28th Floor
PO Box 1001
Columbus, Ohio 43216-1001
1-800-848-1300 extension 6-2718 or at 614-466-2718 during normal business hours.

You can also contact the Small Business Development Center to help you through the process

Remember though that government does not really provide the loans directly, but they guarantee the loan. You still have to apply to a financial organization such as banks that work with SBA — and among their criteria include collateral and the applicant’s personal history. You can read about the government loan criteria of SBA at

Originally posted 2010-08-10 18:38:00.