Our Adventures in YouTubing

Our Adventures in YouTubing

Hey friends,

So here’s one of the things that’s been keeping us busy lately. We were asked to sit an a panel of users for YouTube’s Sales and Business Development Conference on May 15. They had a talented Director, Musician, Vlogger and then us.

What we were doing there is anyone’s guess.

So thanks again YouTube, and all our friends that have helped to get the word out on Zanizbar19!

Here are the pages for the panelists.

VLOGGER: TheResident

MUSICIAN: Maldroid

DIRECTOR: MdotStrange

COMEDIAN: Zanzibar19


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If you do, you’ll be keeping us off the streets and out of trouble after we get out of school. I think it’s obvious by now that we’re still trying to finish the 7th grade.

Duration : 0:8:28

[youtube c_1u4o3e-bM]

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