Should I take accounting or business management Classes To Manage A Bakery?

I’m a high school student (senior) and I want to open a bakery one day. I want to take courses that will help me manage my business to the best of my ability. I’m taking accounting and personal finance this year. But I don’t know if i should take small business instead. Those are the three business classes offered at my school. accounting, small business (business development), and personal finance. Which two should I take to best manage a bakery???? Help and Advice is Very Much Appreciated.

I have no idea what exactly is taught in each of the classes you talk about so it’s impossible to give you a quality answer that I’d be truly happy with but I will answer your question based on the titles alone and then explain my thinking. Then you can make the final decision, of course.

My suggestion is to substitute the small business for the personal finance course. Business development and accounting are two subjects that anyone should without a shadow of a doubt learn about to start any business.

Personal finance? A business course? Sure, the information you’d learn will help you manage your money but not a bakery near as much as the other two. If you’re a frugal kinda guy, you can skip the personal finance course for now. You won’t need to get sophisticated in personal finance to start and manage a bakery. Your parents should be able to teach you everything you need to know concerning personal finance to enable you to manage the finances of a bakery. At least until you start making hundreds of thousands of dollars and don’t know what to do with it all. But then if you have lots of extra money laying around, I’m sure you’ll have no trouble finding ways to use it well if you keep your bakery’s best interests in mind. 🙂

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Reply posted 8-9-2010, 7:38 P.M.