The Web Series Subrosan Shows How The World Of Internet Marketing Can Work

This article shows the benefit of social media marketing, article submission and simply having boots on the ground when working with a start-up. This article takes you through the web series Subrosan from start to present date which is the release of  Episode 2 – Cremation of Care. Episode 1 is #3 on the Web Series Network.

Business Development Marketing Subrosan

Business Development Marketing Subrosan

On July 7th 2012, the web series Subrosan came into being. Dwayne and Lisa Coots had been honing their writing and video production skills for the prior two years. Sharon Denise Talbot, the sister of Lisa Coots, had been working in the movie business, as background, in New Orleans for the prior 18 months. Mark Talbot, the husband of Sharon Denise Talbot, and Dwayne Coots had entered into a partnership in the development of web properties and business consulting. Sharon Denise Talbot had mentioned that friends of her’s in the movie business were having a hard time getting reels completed. From this need the web series Subrosan was born.

The word Subrosan, which is a variation of Latin meaning under the rose, did not exist on the blogosphere prior to this point. Dwayne Coots used his years of experience marketing on the internet to help create a name that would have less resistance to domination in the SERPs. This is important when you are starting out on the Internet. Many people think that their name is not a big deal but this determine the effort needed to rise in the SERPs. It took only 1 month of social media marketing and article submissions to get search engines to offer Subrosan as an  auto complete option.

The way the Subrosan Group was able to accomplish this was by use of the following:

1. Taking the time to determine a name which would be unique and allow for search engine domination.

2. Offering a path for members or in this case actors and cast involved to benefit from the fruits of their labor.

3. Showing the people involved how their efforts, sharing, liking etc of articles and posts would benefit the project as a whole and each one of them on an individual basis.


At the time of this writing there have been 2 episode released:

Subrosan Web Series Episode 1 – The Challenge

Subrosan – Web Series Episode 2 – Cremation of Care

These episodes are rising in the SERPs as we speak and are gaining momentum on the internet. The Subrosan Group is planning on releasing a total of 5 episodes. This project was totally funded by investors from Louisiana other than contributions from contributors on their IndieGoGo page.

Stay tuned to see how this example of Internet Marketing from the ground up can move forward.



Subrosan is an adult drama made for premium cable TV. Inquires can be made via the contact page on the website



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