Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services is a team of professionals based in Nashville, Tennessee available to ghostwrite, edit, or proofread a wide variety of writing and editing projects such as books, articles, brochures, biographical sketches, resumes, media releases, Web text, newsletters, grants, and other business documents.

The team’s writing instructors can help any writer take his or her writing skills to the next level. We provide excellent exposure for authors’ books through virtual book tours, social marketing campaigns, blogging, radio/podcast interviews, book reviews, media releases, article marketing, media kits, one-pagers, and sell sheets this company offers. Get help with query letters and book proposals for traditional publishers as well as interior layout for self-published books.

Premier customer service, prompt turnaround, affordable prices we offering a quick and easy method for outsourcing all of your writing and editing needs regardless of the size of your project! You will find us online at http://writersinthesky.com

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