Business Development Simple Works In Tough Times

Business Development

During a tough economy, you will hear about all of these complex strategies for business development. The thing that will work best for business development especially in tough times is the keep things simple. Here are some tips to help you accomplish keeping things simple

business development

Business Development Can Be Simple

Start with the end in mind – Think about what you want things to look like. Go through the thought process of thinking how things would look in the perfect world. Visualize what your company, employees and client would look like today. Then take that out five and ten years.

Focus – You should not try to change things like logos or come up with new sales jingles. The thing to do is to look at the core attributes that your business is known for. Interview you top clients and find out what they like best about your company, product or service.

Get Hungry – Success will sometimes make a company and its employees complacent. Don’t allow yourself to act as if you have won the championship instead act like you are only a up and coming contender. Be aggressive in your approach. Think how you were when you wanted to earn your clients business.

Look at the money flow – Where are your dollars going? Are you spending money on things like marketing? Are you getting a return on your marketing investment? Track all of your marketing campaigns and make sure they are getting you a return on your dollars. If it is not high revenue producing then you should eliminate the expense. All your expenditures should be examined in the same way.

Organize – Look at the information you have gathered and break it down. Focus on the most valuable clients and focus on keeping their business and acquiring similar clients.

Follow these simple steps in good and bad economies and business development will occur.

business development

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