Cost Effective CPV Ad Networks Challenge CPA

Recently there has been much buzz and the associated hordes of marketing traffic making a push towards CPA cost-per-action affiliate based advertising. Major CPA aggregation networks seem to be winning the battle for yield positions these days, but most ad buyers (and publishers) are not aware that the battlefield is changing below their feet.

The days of big name affiliate marketers and CPA networks is now in danger because all of the duplication and traffic funneling is starting to adversely effect SERPs quality. And as we know from experience, anytime something harms search result quality it isn’t long before the rules get changed.

So now enter a whole new breed of advertising network: CPV / PPV.

Wait a minute! Cost per view? Pay per View? That is nothing new I hear you screaming. But honestly, it is new in that is satisfies recent search engineering modifications and accommodates new methods to please both advertisers and publishers. Anything that can pull off this hat trick deserves a closer look.

So enter DirectCPV PPV Contextual Advertising Network and their high power platform of popup & interstitial insertion ads based on a contextual serving platform powered by a bidding system for advertisers.

Let’s wrap our head around this. Of course the DirectCPV Online Advertising Platform Video explains it clearly, but in a nutshell we have a bid-based advertising network that delivers interstitial or popup ads for your brand and a super competitive price: Targeted URL, Keyword and Category targeting starting at $0.01. For a small $100 deposit to get started you can select targeting based on search keyword and or URL parsing so you can create some very clean and well targeting campaigns.

They also have a RoN (Run of Network) program that makes it cheap to do a wide area blowout or brand building canvass. The RoN starts at only $0.004 per view.

Publishers will also love this network. They promise a 50% RevShare and publishers who refer traffic to the DirectCPV Advertiser Referral Contest canrake in some referral cash as well. (So see, they even sneak in a little CPA for you cost per action junkies. LOL)

So with elements to make the Search Engines happy, plus the cheapest advertising method available, as well as great options for the publisher you should look into Cost per View to advertise your sites.

Originally posted 2010-02-07 09:17:44.