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Local search engine marketing service can increase your sales and leads by 15-35% without spending a penny more than you are now, simply by shifting some of your marketing budget to online!
Effective local internet marketing is not difficult, it is not out of reach and now is the time to either get started to to improve your online presence.
Pay per click advertising can be so highly targeted and if its done in the right way its like exchanging quarters for dollars!
Social media can be used to generate huge traffic to your website and increase leads and sales.
Video marketing is fast, easy, inexpensive and brings personality and useful information to your potential customers.
Google Maps is now a must for local businesses…
If you are not sure what Google local business listings are then please let me explain and give you some astounding facts and figures and you will understand why it is so important to your business today and will be for years to come.
If someone is searching for a dentist in Bristol for example, there is a very high chance that they are doing so with the intent to use that service. We call this high commercial intent in the online world, which is opposed to browsing or research intent for other types of searches.
Try it for yourself using your own business service or business type followed by your geographical location which you can type in either your city or your town or even your postcode.
You will see that above the top 10 normal results that Google has a box with a map and lists 7 businesses from A through to G…you ideally want to be in that “7 box” as we call it, as these guys are getting amazing results and all from free advertising, but more on that in a minute.
What is striking is that Google gives these local listings more relevance and importance than the normal top 10 results. Thats how important and how seriously Google takes local search.
Let me also explain why Google takes this so seriously…
•Local search is growing so fast that it has already overtaken all traditional offline methods of searching for businesses and services locally.
•Local search in the UK alone totals over 1 billion searches every month!
•This is growing at the rate of 50% every year
•67% of people looking for products online will purchase them offline
•The advertising spend for local search in 2008 was $3 billion and this year its expected to be $13 Billion
•43% of Google searches have a geographical identifier such as city, town or zip code
•61% of LOCAL searchers online will result in a purchase offline to business services or for products
Google, Yahoo and Bing spend hundreds of millions every year developing local search and its not going to change anytime soon, Local search is here to stay!
Local searches for businesses have a very high commercial intent…for example if someone was searching for a dentist in Cornwall or a plumber in Barnsley they are not doing it for browsing or research intent, the majority actually need that service.
What used to work is becoming less relevant, things like yellow pages and white pages business listings can be very expensive as well as becoming less and less effective. Newspaper ads, radio and magazines are also very expensive and again becoming less relevant.
Getting listed on the local business listings for Google, Yahoo and Bing (MSN) is pretty easy and there are a ton of people trying to sell that service. However, its only worthwhile paying for if you get on to the first page listings and many of them think they understand how to do it, but in fact they dont really, and the listings will be knocked off pretty quickly when someone else comes along and has their listing properly done and optimised.
Remember the internet doesn’t sleep, your customers maybe looking online out of hours to find the information for the next day, being in that 7 box gives you a massive advantage and you are taking advantage of whats now becoming the new marketing term “inbound marketing” , simply put that means that people find you instead of you chasing them with the old methods of advertising. This is the way the future is developing for people looking for services and products.
Getting listed actually doesnt cost anything, none of the search engines will charge for you to be listed, what you get charged for from us or anyone else is the work if you choose to use a service provider to do that for you.
You can increase your sales and leads by 15-35% without spending a penny more than you are now simply by shifting some of your marketing budget to online! – created at http://animoto.com

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