The Red Gucci Watch Paired with ShirtsMyWay’s Dress Shirts

 To mention some few accessories and articles that men would usually include in the totality of their fashion statement, we have wallets, shades, wristwatch and other jewelry, as well as, bags. However, the art of combining and pairing these pieces of accessories is quite a challenging thing to do, particularly for the male ones who are just plain simple and hopes to simplify all things, even their fashion.    

With wrist watches, we have come across several elegant designs from the online shopping page of Gucci, and one of the many good designs that caught our attention was one those i-Gucci collection, the extra large version, specifically the one that holds the product number 219964I16Q01189 and with the red GG rubber strap. The shade of the watch made it look interesting, because it is not like the usual shades of wrist watches. This watch goes with a stainless steel case with 44mm in diameter. It has a black dial with Swiss digital movement and a sapphire crystal. Furthermore, one of its best features is its water resistant to 3atm (100 feet or 30 meters). 

This is a perfect watch to wear in outdoor meetings and informal gatherings. This is also cool to wear during social and family gatherings. It is great to wear this watch while wearing your favorite custom shirts from ShirtsMyWay. There are several designs of shirts from their collection of mens dress shirts that would perfectly go with this watch. Particularly, priced as $85 and tailored in stylish white plain weave, the Moonwalker Black and the Niles Black, $95, and crafted in black pinstripes plain weave are ideal shirts for this cool watch from Gucci.    

Moreover, the Mayan Dawn at $75 and the Max Power at $85 mens dress shirts are also perfect to wear together with the Gucci red-strapped wrist watch.  Similarly, the two custom shirts are crafted in classic red solid plain weave for their primary cloth, yet they go with a variation of accent cloth. ShirtsMyWay has different variations of custom made dress shirts in terms of design, style, shades and fit, among others. This will give ample choices for the clients that they could decide to pair with any accessory styles and designs. Moreover, any shirts from ShirtsMyWay can go perfectly great with any of the i-Gucci watches. 

Originally posted 2016-06-24 06:56:48.