Top 5 Online Marketing Tips

Online Marketing is something that is becoming more relevant as time goes by. This article looks at the top five tips for Online Marketing. There are additional resources at the bottom of the article.

Business Development Marketing Top 5 Online Marketing Tips

Business Development Marketing Top 5 Online Marketing Tips


Times are changing. The transition from the 20th century to the 21st century was more than just s difference in dates. There was all the worry about Y2K which turned out to be a lot about nothing. The world of online marketing took off after people realized the world was not going to end.

So now is a good time to take a look back at how the world of online marketing has changed and what the best methods are to take advantage of this opportunity.

Here are the Top 5 Online Marketing Tips:

Top 5 Online Marketing Tips #1) Email marketing is the core of online marketing

The start of email marketing goes back before 2000. The strange thing is email marketing is still unproven in many ways. Email has moved ahead of conventional mail in many ways. Still there is no real consensus of how to best utilize this approach to online marketing. Email marketing in many ways has the reputation of being spam. Still email marketing takes many forms and several of those are very effective. Newsletters are an example of one method that is effective.

Top 5 Online Marketing Tips #2) Relevance is made up of permission and also personalization

The old shotgun approach of spray it out and the pray it out no longer works. Creating content that is relevant to the viewer is the better approach. Finding a way to personalize the content is the best. Having the clients “opt in” works best.

Top 5 Online Marketing Tips #3)  The message HAS to be delivered

In the past, messages were sent out via email and there was no concern whether it was delivered or not. Now that approach is no longer acceptable. In the new model, the email needs to be acted upon. This means if it is not delivered and then it does not get the attention of the recipient then what was the point. There are analytic methods that tell if the message was delivered and what was done as a result.

Top 5 Online Marketing Tips #4) Viral still happens and is still effective

The world of viral has expanded. There are options like Twitter, Stumbleupon, Digg, Facebook and other sites. Viral videos are a great way to get exposure.

Top 5 Online Marketing Tips #5) The indicators are important but the results are the ultimate measure of success

The bottom line is what was sold? All the pageviews, clicks are great but nobody purchased anything then the business can’t stay around.

These Top 5 Online Marketing Tips are still available for you to use to improve your online marketing strategy.




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