Where Can I Learn More About Internet Marketing?

I see a lot of ads when I search on google about home business and making money online, I guess this is what internet marketing is all about, but there’s so many different websites offering different products.

So where can I go to learn more about this without having to sign up or buy something first, I mean the real truth about this stuff and not the hype I seem to run into everywhere else I go.


Internet Marketing is a very broad subject and there are many ways to learn about it. One way is to take a class at your local college or university. Most schools now offer at least a basic course in their business schools.

Another way is to search for forums on internet marketing. The warrior forum comes to mind. There are a lot of smart marketers there with very good ideas on making money online.

To really succeed though, you will have to decide on what your business will be selling, because that’s what it is all about, selling and making money, at least in the beginning.

After having a significant amount of success, most marketers go into teaching to help others out, while at the same time making even more money from their home study courses.

There are many more ways to learn about this, but forums is a very good start.

Hope this helps.

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Originally posted 2013-08-18 13:10:13.