3 Major Mistakes to Avoid When Copywriting

Copywriting probably seems hard and complicated but when applied the right way it can do wonders for your business. Obviously this won’t be possible if you make any of the easily avoidable mistakes we’ll talk about in this article.

This one can seem that it applies universally to all writing, but even in copywriting you want to watch your p’s and q’s when it comes to good grammar. It’s important to always write very clearly and properly express the benefits of the product or service so everything is easy to understand. So those are just a couple things, out of many, that need to be right, and if they aren’t then you’ll just seeing the sales numbers go down. Good English forms the backbone of any sales copy, which means if you don’t have your semi-colon and comma in place, then you’ll see your prospects getting turned off. Think of the effective of a lot of little mistakes as cumulative, and that means they most definitely will add up to reduced conversions. Writing a sales copy is not about using complicated jargon and heavy vocabulary, but that doesn’t mean you can compromise on the punctuation or anything else. So, grammar and many other considerations can have an impact on your conversion rates.

Another simple mistake that copywriters commit is that they don’t have any convincing testimonials lined up in their copy. It will always be important to remember that people base their buying decisions on emotions, and then only later they attempt to rationalize it. So that’s why testimonials work so well because they serve as social proof that you’re trustworthy and your product delivers what you say it will. If you don’t have testimonials, you really need to get some because they’ll help you to create almost instant trust and some rapport with your site or blog visitors. Bottom line is your conversion rates will be higher when your visitors trust you and your products. You have to be careful about getting permission, but sometimes it’s possible to find testimonials from experts on your market or product.

About the price of your product or service and where you put it is critical. You’ll discover that the price is introduced far toward the bottom of your copy and not at the top of it. So, maybe you’re wondering why that is so. Putting the price too early in your letter will decrease conversions, and that’s an established fact. There’s a more or less standard layout format for sales letters, and the price tends to be close to the end so people will theoretically read everything before they get to the price. Let the copy flow and go through the whole process of grabbing the attention, getting them interested, invoking the desire and then introduce the price before the call to action. Some copywriters and marketers can be a bit shy when it comes to talking about the product price, but avoid feeling that way and clearly state your price. We’ve read tons of sales copy, and a lot of times it appears that writers try to make the price less than noticeable.

You’ll discover that you can spend the rest of your life studying copywriting. You can sort of instantly improve as a copywriter just by refusing to commit the silly mistakes. The mistakes that we discussed above are easy to stay away from once you start practicing.

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