A simple how to for vinyl decals

So, you just bought yourself some vinyl decals, and are ready to put them on? Well hold your horses and make sure of a few things first. If you do not prepare your surface properly you may still be able to make your vinyl letter or decal adhere to the surface but the problem will arise later down the road and this is definitely not something you just want to let happen. The vinyl itself will start to come loose and roll or peel back on you and who wants to pay money for something that they will need to replace within a year or so. Maybe even less!

So start by cleaning the substrate with a cleaning solution (soap and water, Windex or any other type of cleaner). Make sure to get everything off that you can, since you don’t want anything between the vinyl’s adhesive and the contact point on the vehicle. Make sure to rinse it thoroughly and then use some alcohol to remove any cleaning solution residue. Be sure that the surface where you will be installing your vinyl lettering is between 60°F – 120°F. The reason for this is a bit technical, but it really makes a huge difference in how well the vinyl lettering binds to your vehicle. Now your surface should be ready for applying your vinyl decals or graphics.

If you are applying it to a wall or a door on a building or an aluminum substrate, make sure that it has a smooth glossy finish so that the vinyl will adhere to it better.  Vinyl Banners will stick very well to a glass window and smooth acrylic surfaces, just make sure that you clean your surface wherever you are planning on installing your vinyl lettering/decal.

Also, be quite careful when applying to anything with a new paint job. Make sure the paint has had time to fully cure and set up before applying, or it could be very, very bad. I think you get the idea.


Originally posted 2011-07-31 05:20:46.