Certainly By No Means Miss One More Potential Buyer Because of Too Long of Response Time

If you are like the most of us , every so often you get a call on your cell from a mysterious . You look down, consider it for a minute then push ignore. Whether you are eluding collections company , an ex, stalker, friend, family member or anything in between , if you are in sales this could be a never-ending problem . If you are in sales , are in marketing or related field, you may want to look into purchasing a 2nd phone line. Many cellular providers will let you add a new phone line to your existing plan for as little as $9.99 more a month or you can purchase a entirely new service for $24.99. You can even use a call capture number for as low as $24.99 a month that will forward the caller to you once their contact is captured. If you have a team you can also set up a round robin type of incoming call system where you can track the call and either forward the call the next agent on your team or to the one that is available. An agent selling real estate in Columbia, TN told me about how he did it and I love this simple idea. Personally I like to just have a no frills phone that does nothing but sends calls, takes calls, and has caller id for what I like to call my “bat phone”.  It is simple and I only place this number on advertisements. I have my existing client call on “my everyday phone” which is the one that is on my business cards and any packages, ect. I rarely miss a sales call and can return all calls immediately as I can differentiate between a new and existing customers . If you are in real estate, I hear the best part is that owner’s enjoy it. If you put a recognizable ring on money phone and your seller on the other line hears it, they will tell you to hang up and answer it which entirely make sense if you think about it. For just a few dollars a month you will never have to miss a or lose a client due to poor response time. 

Originally posted 2016-07-27 14:18:37.