Critical Information About Your Landing Page Conversion Rates

Every Internet marketer knows the value of building landing pages for their products. You can have a potentially great landing page, but if the right things are wrong then your results will not be what you hoped to see. In order to increase your conversion rate and have people actually take action, you need a dedicated landing page that has no distractions. In the following article we shall be discussing three simple yet effective tips on how you can optimize your landing page the right way to get the maximum conversions. 

Your landing page needs to demonstrate and prove, if possible, that they will be getting something that will really help them. If you’re offering a lower price then everybody, show it. You should always avoid talking in a negative manner about your competitors or the ‘other guy.’ If others have a product similar to yours, then you must tell your visitors why yours is better and back it up. Try to focus on benefits, trust, and confidence they can feel in you and why. Perhaps the most important part of your landing page is what you are offering, and if it is lukewarm or not great then that will hurt you. 

Basically your own conversion rates will depend on many factors on your landing page. People generally find that the simple approach always tends to work best. Make sure you do not have anything that does not need to be there, and only have what needs to be there and no more. When it comes to your subscribe box, then keep the layout simple and uncomplicated. If you ever think about trying to ask for something like their phone number – forget it. 

Lastly, no matter how much work you put into your product your customers aren’t going to care if you can’t convince them that the benefits of your product are right for them. You have to clearly show your prospects how the product can help them and what advantages it offers. Increasing your conversion rates is as easy as focusing on the benefits over and above the features. 

In conclusion we’ve given you the tools you need to optimize your site to yield better results. Most new internet marketers have no idea the value of working on the landing page or in fact even having one. If you do your sales and profits will suffer. So go ahead and start tweaking your landing page by keeping the above tips in mind, because ultimately what matters in any business is your return on investment.

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