How much is the typical salary of a marketing coordinator?

I am currently working as a Marketing coordinator for a fashion retail company here in the United Arab Emirates and I just want to make sure that I am being compensated fairly. This is my first time working in this country and market and so I want to just know how much a typical Fashion retail marketing coordinator earns. I have about 1 year experience in the said profession.

The easy answer is between $33,091 – $44,836 USD. according to

However, many companies can structure their businesses differently. I work for a company and the Marketing Coordinator is paid with commission only which is typical for an IMO (Independent Marketing Organization) in America. Others however can mix commission with a salary. Few, that I know of, is actually paid just a salary.

The real measure of what you should earn depends on how important you are to the company and not what title you are. If you add tremendous value to the company and can not be easily replaced by others, then I would suspect you should earn above $50,000. However, if your job requires little training and knowledge, and you are not vital tot he company, your compensation might not be over $28,000.

Originally posted 2016-09-29 17:22:43.