Internet, learning and Promoting: Is Europe ready for this?

This article discusses the decision by the European Union to educate people using the internet from the standpoint of SEO. There are additional resources at the bottom of this article.

Business Development Marketing European Union SEO

Business Development Marketing European Union SEO


In May 2009, the Council of the EU Union supported the goal of achieving a rate of 15 per 100 for adult education and training by the year 2020. Is Europe in the right way for attaining this goal Let’s research it from a SEO promotion point of view.

e-learning, education and adult people

Europe illuminates the existence of numerically vital groups that have low or no qualifications, and to which priority attention to assist them to work and social integration. These groups are the adult population (aged sixteen) that doesn’t have the elementary abilities for compulsory education, that the EPA in the second quarter of 2010, is 33.5%. E-learning is, in this sense, a fair chance for learners.

We must also pay attention to the labor pool that lacks approval of pro qualifications amounting a close to 60%. From another perspective, the concern is the group of youngsters who don’t get the Diploma in Secondary Education at the end of 4th year of ESO (Highschool) and the youth who leave college early, which according to 2010 data are the 28.4%.

Western european goals

To achieve the goals set Europe for lifetime learning, the Government of Spain proposed to the authorities, social partners and interested associations or entities in the sector, the coordination of their actions and resources, and collaboration in the following strategic areas:

1. Develop mechanisms to aid the return of the adult education system to get the Diploma in Secondary Education.

2. Generalizing recognition of pro abilities as a mechanism to increase the skills of the workforce, particularly low-skilled employees.

3. Establish new methods of access to vocational coaching and to reconcile work and study for youngsters who leave too early.

4. Brace the update and purchase of new abilities to meet the changing labor market.

5. Plug the access of adults to high school, to vocational coaching and varsity.

6. Provide education and training, formal and casual, to people at risk of social exclusion as a plan to support the conquering of misery and marginalization.

7. Spread to the general public the likelihood of lifetime learning.

8. Create mechanisms for quality improvement and continual evaluation of the realization of policies related to learning throughout life, with participation of all shareholders.

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