Is a minor in business marketing good with Psychology major?


So I’m currently a psychology major hoping to earn a PhD in Neuropsychology. I’m in the process of planning to take a minor in business marketing in case the Neuropsychology doesn’t workout since Graduate programs are very competitive.

That way I can go straight into marketing with what I know from psychology. I’m just want to know if marketing is a good minor to couple with a psych major. Also what other minors would go well with psych majors


Hi, I’m not a psych major but I am a marketing major so hopefully this helps!

Marketing is a very competitive field so my only concern is that you may feel you can’t compete against those who majored in marketing when it comes to those jobs. However, a lot of marketing classes pertain to the psychology of marketing, in jobs relevant to this you would be an asset.

My roommate is a psych major and many of her psychology classes are practically identical to mine, however hers will focus on relationships and social situations of psychology where mine are the same theories but used in a marketing sense (ex. memory, senses, information processing etc.)

If you think you would enjoy marketing, I think the two can go well together, however you would most likely be in the consumer behaviour side of it (with your psychology degree) rather than the creative side. Of course this isn’t to say you can’t do either, a degree can get you anywhere! You just may find the creative jobs to be more competitive.

I hope this helped give you a bit more insight!

Originally posted 2010-09-24 23:28:40.