Marketing Your Small Business Online to Increase Profits in 2009

The most important thing to consider when marketing your small business online is to have a clear idea of what your goal is and the results you expect from a website. Answer the following questions.

1) Who is your target audience?
2) What are the objectives of your website?
3) What does a visitor expect form your site?
4) What do you want the visitor to leave with?
5) Why should a visitor return to your site?

Asking these questions will provide you with data that will help you establish your marketing goals and expectations. Answering these questions will also give you a clear picture of what type of site to build for your current client base and prospects.

The internet is the most cost effective sales tool invented to date. With some imagination you can expose your brick and mortar business to the entire world with a relatively small cash outlay compared to traditional advertising. The best part about marketing your small business online is it does not require any employees, like expanding your business locally would require.

Leads can become an automated process with the right strategies used for marketing your small business online. Some businesses change to entirely online and close their brick and mortar business, because the overhead is so much lower and easier to control plus the business can now be run from any geographical location.

Many businesses are able to build their online revenue to far exceed their present revenue, because of the exposure to a larger number of prospects. This will also increase your ROI because marketing your small business online is more cost effective. Million dollar business can virtually be run with a couple of employees which is almost impossible in a brick and mortar business.

Always establish your goal before you begin to market your small business online so you will know which internet marketing strategies are best for your business. Use the answers to these questions along with your goal when you interview internet marketing agencies to make sure they are able to set up an internet marketing campaign that is aligned with your goals.

Implement different types of strategies because each one requires a different amount of time for results. Considering all of these aspects are key in an effective campaign marketing your small business online.

Sherrie Chastain

Originally posted 2010-07-03 19:16:35.