Network Marketing Tips — Are You Setting Your Prospect up for Failure An online business is no different than a traditional brick and mortar business. There are State or Provincial Laws as well as Federal Laws to obey.
Income claims by companies and individual distributors are for one reason only…that is to entice and trap YOU! It is presented to your emotions. Your emotions take over and you then are not able to think critically.
Recently I was sent a video encouraging me to join his opportunity. His claim was that he could prove he makes $12,000.00 a month with his opportunity. He exposed his back office in the video. However, I found it very curios that the name in the back office did not match his. So I had to ask myself, “does he go by more than one name or does he have access to someone else’s account or is he just a creative graphical artist?
What makes making an income earnings claim illegal is simple? It’s enticement. When you make an income claim, you are enticing your prospect into a deal. When your prospect is not able to duplicate the same income results as you, he feels like a failure.
The thing is…it is not impossible to be making this kind of income and more, it is ILLEGAL to be making the claim.
Learn the skills necessary to finally make an income. Start part time and make a little bit, then build on that and finally make your dream of retirement early come true. It takes time, it takes skills, you can make your dreams come true.

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Originally posted 2010-08-01 22:45:49.