Power 3 Marketing – How To Make Money Serving Offline Businesses

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One of the biggest growth areas in the realm of internet marketing is taking your online skills and offering your services to offline clients. There are almost certainly quite a few factors for this direction. It is not as easy as sometimes made out for any individual to profit on the web and many have discovered this. Then there is the demand for local business owners to advertise more effectively on the web. If you have a bit of experience online, you may already have many of the capabilities required to help them. Power 3 Marketing is a membership site that aims to help you tap this market through the training and strategies it provides. The folks guiding Power 3 Marketing happen to be PotPieGirl, Jennifer Ledbetter, and David Bocock. There is an option to join for free with two other paid options. The basic level does provide information you could utilize in the offline world yet if you are looking to build a business, then the following level of membership should be your aim. The number of courses in the gold membership area help to make the once only charge of great benefit. Therefore we will now explore what is inside this membership level which consists of four modules with numerous videos.

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Tips on how to get first page exposure organically in the search engines for local keywords is covered carefully in the first module. This really takes you right from the start of niche research through to putting together sites. Selecting a domain and a web host is all discussed to ensure that even if you are a newbie you can see how to proceed. The way the sites are set up using wordpress are shown detail by detail including how to write your articles. The reason you would want to fully grasp how to do this is that once you have websites that rank high for local keywords you can rent them out or sell advertising on them. Modules two and three go deep into the exact areas of pay per click strategies and Google Places. The choice to make at outset could possibly be to choose where you actually feel comfortable to specialize in. An field that is often overlooked is how you actually get paying clients and how to approach business owners. Module four is dedicated to this and ensures that you have everything available to begin your offline company. You can move up to the monthly pay platinum membership but it is important to be aware that the gold level is adequate to get your business going. You may want to upgrade to end up being a platinum member at a later stage even though you can go for this straight away if you prefer. This will enable you to take your business to a more significant level as there are some highly sought after tools and resources you can employ. As an example, to enable you to enter markets quickly there are pre prepared articles or blog posts you can use. Another benefit of the platinum membership is the forum for solving problems and supporting others. The Power 3 Marketing membership is very extensive and you need to allow time to proceed through the training. Local business people need help and you will be taught by people who are successful in this marketplace.

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