The next Frontier: Brick And Mortar Social Media Advertising

Brick & Mortar social media marketing is the next frontier in the marketing and advertising space and the next step in marketing for conventional small businesses that have used less efficient ways of advertising such as print or television ads. Rather than relying on these outdated and expensive advertising strategies, utilizing foursquare for business marketing is the next step for little entrepreneurs like restaurants and retail locations.

Exactly what do I mean by Brick & Mortar social media advertising? I mean old school “mom and pop” businesses starting to make use of social media and more particularly location based marketing to advertise their companies. I think that the next phase for social media marketing and location based marketing specifically is for more popular usageadoption by traditional brick and mortar or mom and pop type businesses.Social media currently is the playing field for major national brands and tech startups – but a space mostly ignored by smaller businesses.

Smaller businesses in the restaurant and retail industry specifically will be the next people to begin really getting involved more positively in social media marketing. As consumers become more acquainted with services such as Foursquare.These marketing strategies for small businesses provide a fantastic return on investment and provide a much more successful marketing strategy than conventional small business marketing.  Making use of software such as Foursquare for business advertising provides a great way for these small businesses to take advantage of social media. Instead of shelling out several thousand dollars on an costly print or TV ad campaign, a simple coupon or promotional advertising campaign using location based marketing can yield huge dividends for a small business for tens of dollars.

The key to this transition is location based marketing. Why is that? Because location marketing is a way for those businesses who may have formerlypreviously had no interest in social media, twitter follows, or Facebook (as an aside – I think every small business that faces customers should have a Facebook page) can now use location services to drive customers physically into their store and to track those visits with check-ins.This is a very powerful value proposition for small restaurant and retail locations – one that I think smart business owners will be jumping on sooner rather than later. Businesses that take advantage of the benefits of location based marketing will have a leg up on their competitors by attracting new customers and keeping their advertising prices lower. In this hard economy, these are huge advantages.

Originally posted 2011-07-01 07:47:58.