The Rules of Internet Marketing

Internet marketers who have already achieved something in Internet marketing always put them up. Those are the marketers who in this case I will call the winners of Internet marketing.
And this brings us to the topic of this article In Internet Marketing, for more detail go to:’t a winner always a Looser?”
To understand this, you would need to first ask your self why those successful Internet marketing gurus are publicly exposing their past losses. The purpose is to draw your attention so that they win your mind. End result is you subscribe to their newsletter, ozone or simply join their mailing list. They want to show you that loosing is part of winning in Internet marketing. Loosing is a route to winning. That is their aim. They want to show you how they incurred losses due to poor decisions so that you can avoid them.
Well, if you are new to Internet marketing, you have realized that Internet marketing is one tuff racket to make money in. You will find your self-spending hundreds and even thousands of dollars on the next greatest thing to skyrocket you to the top. Buying high cost hype. Do It Now, Retire By-Monday, and Make Millions over Night Internet marketing and promotion software and information.
Then once you buy all that hype you have to buy the next product to get you to the next step, and then you need another product to optimize that! And to make it better you need to get another product! Oh and here is another suggestion, buy this product to boost that product even more!
As a result, you will want to give up thinking that Internet marketing is just a money drain with no profits coming from it.
No Internet marketing is a very profitable undertaking. There is a lot of money to be made. But only if: (1) You know how to approach it and (2) you have the correct mindset at the start.
The mindset you should have at the very beginning is that of never giving up. It is true that you will loose money here and there. That should not make you give up. Just know that those who become successful also experienced some losses at first. I have lost a lot of money in Internet marketing but I have also got more than what I lost. The Late Cory Rudi lost some money at the start, but he died leaving a successful marketing team that make over six million per year. For more detail go to: Mike Fulsome and other Internet marketing experts also faced the same setbacks, but they persevered.
You will be told that ozone advertising is very effective. You will try it and yet get like only one sale. You have lost money. Not so? Should you give up on ozone advertising? No you should not.
Reason is that, the truth is ozone advertising is cost effective and can give you a very quick return on investment. You will also loose money in ad words and other pap advertising, but should you give it up. No it is very effective. That is why top Internet marketing experts
So what is the problem then? The problem is that you do not know how to play the game. You do not know the rules of Internet marketing.

You can choose your products to offer your customers from niche membership sites that are available for you to join and a lot of these sites also offer great advice for getting and retaining customers.

If you feel that niche affiliate marketing is for you then take the leap and start doing what you are already good at and love doing.

Vipen Zizta

Originally posted 2010-08-07 00:16:14.