What are (unique) jobs with a Business/Marketing degree?

I am thinking about majoring in Business with a concentration on marketing. What kind of jobs are there (and details of the jobs)? Are there any kind of unique/different jobs with this degree? Does it only deal with math?

There are different sectors of marketing with different skills required.

Math & Analytical:
Marketing Research – studies demographics and researches information that will likely change the target audience of the product

Creative Side:
Branding & Product Management – deals with managing the product packaging and design, testing, and placement, all based on the research that was presented

Advertising – deals with promoting the products into the media and onto the streets, into the people’s minds, once again based on the research findings

Sales – the basic marketing of presenting the product on an individual level, usually paid by commission

Now, the larger the company, the more specialized employees will be. A huge corporation will have entire research team and a separate ad team, but smaller companies will have people that are knowledgeable in all the areas. Advertising agencies also hire marketing majors with great creativity.

If you like english, math, psychology, statistics, and creativity, or a combination of a few of these, you’re in the right field! Most marketing programs allow you to choose from a pool of classes so you can refine your skills in a specific area and go for jobs related to it.

Originally posted 2010-02-28 11:37:42.