What careers are available with a marketing degree?

I am in high school and want to go to college for marketing. I have taking courses in marketing, advertising, business/marketing math, business management/leadership, and design so I have a pretty good idea that I want to go somewhere in marketing or advertising, but what are some examples of jobs I could do with a four-year degree in marketing? Or a master’s? Thanks for your time!

There are a lot of routes to go with marketing and the most high demand as well as best paid opportunities will usually be in sales. If you want a strictly marketing job you can look for marketing analyst, market researcher and marketing associate. Typically these jobs will pay in the 30-40k range depending where you live. The only problem is in rough economic times you will be one of the first to be let go. With an MBA and experience you can be a marketing manager which is a pretty cushy job and you are pretty safe. In sales you will hardly ever be one of the people let go as long as you are producing. Companies make their money by selling, they aren’t going to get rid of people making them the money! Sales jobs for a graduate are usually a 20-30k base salary plus commission which can put you into the 50-60k range. If you go for an MBA in marketing and stick with sales you can be a sales manager which is in the range of 100-120k, but really what you want to aim for is VP of sales. These jobs are extravagant and can pay from 180-250k, but you have to be determined and very energetic as well as good with people and numbers equally. If you make it here your life is hectic but very fulfilling ( I know 2 VPs). To be a success of this level you must be able to produce and be willing to do quite a bit of traveling. You must have the get it done and get it done right attitude. Having the sales numbers and producing will be your main factor in succeding in sales.

Hope I helped you out!