What kind of jobs can you get with a Business Marketing degree?

What kind of jobs can you get with a Business Marketing degree? What is the average salary for employees who have this degree? What should I do to prepare myself for this career? And does Arizona have any good schools for this degree?

An interesting degree. Most likely, your coursework will consist of a Business Administration core with a Marketing concentration. Your core will include finance and accounting, while the concentration will focus on public relations, marketing analysis, maybe even some stats.

Business Marketing is fairly focused on the marketing aspects of business. This means that positions in management are probably shut off to you (unless it is a management track position in a sales division), and positions in finance are out of the picture.

The exact type of work you will do will depend upon your qualificiations. The more technical your background, the more will be opened to you. My wife, for instance, has a background in English (no business classes) and does web design and copywriting work. I have a strong background in economics and statistics, and I do modeling, forecasting and analysis of marketing data.

If you have a language-based background (writing, speaking, presentations), this will open different doors than one that is more technologically-focused (database analysis, programming, EViews, Excel, SAS, SQL, PeopleSoft). A blend of both would be awesome, but is hard to do.

Arizona’s two top-tier institutions – ASU and U of A – both have strong reputations in the Midwest and West, as well as very large alumni networks. Northern Arizona State – in Flagstaff – is a gorgeous campus but its academic reputation is not as strong.

An alternative option may be to major in the area that suits your interests most strongly – ie, Business Communication, Information Systems, Finance – and get an MBA to allow you to do more technical work. Remember that an MBA is preferred for even entry-level positions in business; it is easier to get a job with a bachelor’s in a highly technical or abstract field such as Computer Science, Math, Finance or Accounting.

Starting salaries depend upon the city, but will generally be around 110% of the average in a metropolitan area – $30,000 in the Midwest, $36,000 in California, etc. Of course, salary will increase with experience and expertise. Especially, a native or at least advanced fluency in a foreign language (particularly Spanish, Chinese, Japanese or French) will help boost this potential and provide you with international exposure.