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Top 3 Reasons To Use A Social Media Marketing Strategy To Improve Your Search Engine Optimization

By Mark | Sep 23, 2013

Image via Wikipedia There used to be people who questioned the effectiveness of Social Media Marketing. To be honest, I was one of those people. In my mind, Social Media Sites were just time wasters. Whether or not that statement is true, Social Media Sites can be great places to market your business, products and…

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Africa and Rwanda: From Crisis to Socioeconomic Development

By Mark | Sep 21, 2013

Speaker: His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda Perceptions and stereotype of Africa and Rwanda as perpetual basket cases and donor havens only sustained by aid, charity and pity no longer correspond to contemporary development of the past decade. Rwanda, under the leadership of one of Africas most able leaders, President Paul…

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Let Your Business Model Innovations Grow Like Bamboo

By Mark | Sep 19, 2013

If you live in a tropical climate and have good soil, you know that a bamboo shoot that you plant can grow by as much as two inches an hour. That’s the kind of explosive expansion that should drive your business model innovations. When is good enough when it comes to business model innovation? Business…

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Have anyone used the services of Internet Marketing Center founded by Corey Rudl?

By Mark | Sep 17, 2013

What’s your feedback about this company? Are they sincere and helpful? Did they manage to change your way and idea about marketing on the internet? How much money do you have spend monthly on their services? Is it an ongoing thing for their help or you can be on your own after learning the ropes?…

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Be Bussiness Smart with Zenni Optical

By Mark | Sep 16, 2013

With our nation having such hard economic times lately, everyone is looking to get a deal anywhere possible. There are many sites out there that advertise discounts for all kinds of products and services. It seems however, in most cases you end up exchanging quality to get a lower price. Like other products there are…

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Network Marketing: Old School V.s. New School

By Mark | Sep 10, 2013

Network marketing has changed tremendously since its move to the internet; its move has made it easier for the average person to create another source of income. Old school network marketing was all about face to face selling; home meetings, hotel meetings, and one on one meeting. There is nothing wrong with using face to…

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By Mark | Sep 9, 2013

ok well we have a project and i was jw what this phrase meant….." it will also indicate in which publication the ad will appear" thanks for the help:) What is the whole sentence? From the above, ads of various sizes are placed within publications such as magazines. There are many variables used in placing…

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Barber Chairs Will Add To The Decor Of Any Home Or Business

By Staff | Sep 8, 2013

Anyone who is starting a business, which implies dealing with peoples heads, must take into account their utmost comfort and, therefore, a significant amount of money for purchasing the most comfortable furniture for their premises. Barber chairs sale will surely be the best place for you to choose both quality and gain a reasonable price…

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{Internet Marketing} in 2010

By Mark | Sep 6, 2013 Just my thoughts, I believe video will take an increasing role in internet marketing and any online business that is not incorporating video in their marketing will be left behind. Look for more things to become globalized…get to know Skype and Oovoo for video conferencing, use video editing software better or more creatively, start…

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