Battle the Competition- Search Engine Marketing

The home Internet business has come a long way in 15 years. Thousands of new entrepreneur’s every year seek out their destiny to battle the competition.

A home Internet business is easy to create, but could take a life-time to master.

Understanding search engine marketing should be on top of your list of things to master. To have a successful home Internet business you must first understand how the comprehensive search engines operate.

Everyone who own’s a website would love to be on page one of every search engine results page (SERP’s). Unfortunately not everyone will be able to see this dream come true.

The battle to improve your search engine ranking leads to only one major factor. Yes, that’s right, one factor that will always place you on page one of any search engine! Can you guess what the answer is?

The million dollar answer is, Relevant keywords and phrases! Yep, that’s it. There is nothing else in a search engine’s operating format that trump’s relevant keywords and phrases. Without them you go nowhere, period.

A webmaster can have a boatload of money, a college degree in business, be the most affluent person in the world, but if their website does not contain relevant keywords and phrases they’ll be parked dead last on the SERP’s.

The search engines have laid out all the rules, plain and simple. They operate their business with a purpose; who will be granted prime real estate on their first page, and who goes to the rear of the bus. You must deliver to sit in the front seat.

Search engines live or die by the particular relevance of information that they supply to all visitors. The Internet is a source of information to all, how you get there is primarily decided by the search engines, and they better be right to gain your respect.

When visitor’s use a particular search engine, they are there for a reason. They are seeking pertinent information to their question. A frequent visitor will trust a particular search engine for providing them with the best relevant information possible. If the visitor is satisfied with the results, they will return.

Search engine’s reward website’s with high rankings if:

Relevance- Your site provides keywords, phrases, and content that is consistently relevant to the searchers demands.

Consistency- Your site constantly provides recent updated sources of pertinent information of value.

Quality- The quality of content that your site supplies plays a main role when competing for higher Serp’s. Place considerable emphasis on generously providing informative articles making sure that they are most relevant to your subject or theme.

Longevity- Search engine’s somewhat look at the age of a website as a maturity factor. The older the site, the worthwhile possibility of providing abundant sources of relevant information to the searcher.

When a start-up Internet business initially begins, it will have to make a long term commitment to be on a unequivocal successful path. What I mean here is that it takes time and patience on your part. Many of the search engine place new websites on an alleged probation period of about 6 months. This is intended to deter some flash in the pan sites from starting up quickly and spamming everyone they can. Unfortunately these types of business practices happen.

Knowing this upfront, during your probation provides an excellent opportunity for a new business website to use their time wisely. Research, read, and study all Internet home business articles that may pertain towards your site promotions. Search engine marketing, keywords, Internet marketing, advertising, pay per click programs, site promotion, and traffic building are all key area’s where it will be pertinent for you to gain knowledge and understanding.

What I have personally learned from my experiences about Internet home business is that, knowledge is power, and power is knowledge. The more time you put into developing your Internet home business, the smarter and wiser you will become.

There are many author’s, guru’s, and advisor’s who write about developing your home Internet business. Some of these sources generously provide good solid information, but, be cautious. Your business will usually not become successful overnite, no matter what anyone tells you or tries to sell you. Patience, research, and common sense will help guide you towards your ultimate goal.

Finally, in regards to battling the competition, look in the mirror. You are the competition! Taking the time and patience to become smarter and wiser will be your biggest challenge, no matter what anyone may say. Believe in yourself and your ultimate objectives, and your Internet home business will become successful. Battling the competition is all about words and phrases, just don’t forget it. It’s that simple!

Roy King

Originally posted 2013-09-04 20:12:21.