I heard that adding 1 way links to your site is the best for for search engine marketing, is that correct?

Yes one way links to your site are very important. Make sure the pages that are linking to your individual web pages are from pages that have very similar content as yours and few links already going out. One of the most common mistakes people make is worrying about getting a link from a high ranking web directory but many times the web directory first and foremost doesn’t contain content about your topic on your web site and secondly has way to many links going out to sites other than yours, which simply takes away from the effectiveness of your links coming to you and will get very little results from the search engines.

Article writing is a good solution to this. When you write an article and submit it to an article site, they generally give you your own page that your article is featured on. Always include a link back to your site in the article as this will link like minded content with your web pages content. For the little effort it takes to write a 300-500 word article your gain is huge for your web page. The content linked from the article to your web page will make your keywords that are focusing on in the title of your web page and in the article look very relevant to google, yahoo.. etc and you’ll benefit greatly from that.

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Originally posted 2015-05-06 06:02:18.