Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization

Who does not want a bigger traffic to their site?

The only way you can drive highly targeted traffic is through search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing

Because people are already searching for specific “topics” and “keywords” it is more likely that they will purchase your products and affiliate offers

If you can appear on top of search engines for a highly competitive keyword you can convert any traffic into sales…

To achieve this and appear on top of search engines

You have the opportunity just a few seconds, when visitors come to your site, before they decide to continue their journey on your site or leave for good

So use a catchy, attention grabbing home page that can be read in a few seconds.

Bottom line, keep the home page (and all internal pages) quick and easy to read; view and navigate.

You do not need to wait for the search engines to find your website

Submit your site to them periodically (Include a sitemap )even if it is already indexed

Constant adding of new content to your page will encourage the search engines to examine your location more frequently, too

You can also create site Exchange Linking

Do not use an automated link exchange program; software.

Once the Search Engine finds out, your site will be penalized

Now it’s time to calculate your traffic

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