Twisted Search Ep. 13 Part 3 of 3

~Don’t stop watching when the credits start or you’ll miss out!

Personally, I think this part/episode is the best out of the whole Twisted Search series although there are a few errors here and there 😛 As the saying goes, “Save the best for last.” =)

I hope you guys like the series as much as I enjoy making it xDDD

Special thanks to:
` Stephen (LaZyxBoY) for helping me act out multiple characters throughout the whole series.
` Josh (Miroku10) for playing Vin in majority of the episodes
` Jenny/Lisa (Americaz) for playing the role of Princess Lillian
` Khoi (Gokussj22) for letting me use the character Vin and helping play Vin in the series as well.
` Rockey (Spartan963) for playing both Vin and a guard in my series.
` Andrew (HydraAvenger) for playing Vin’s father and asking me multiple times to be in the film
` Mel (magykwish/LastDagger) for stalking me EVERY time I’m on MapleStory, lols. and helping me with the roles 🙂
` Hmms, Eugene (dorkiesaurus), Brian (mex33), Homigodwtf (Kim), Yope (Crystina), Jen (Rhaegys) and other characters who played roles in my Twisted Search series 🙂
` YOU for supporting me throughout the Twisted Search series and pressuring me to make the next one =O

And that’s about it. =)

Enjoy guys!

Duration : 0:4:59

[youtube BP3P96FoXQ0]

Originally posted 2017-04-25 23:42:00.