Are iphone apps part of social media?

Are Iphone apps part of social media?
I study marketing and for my major task I have to come up with a way to promote this bar (within a hotel) using social media. I know I can use facebook and all , but I was thinking maybe they can create an app.

Maybe the app can have event details of the bar, happy hour, birthday packages
booking of the hotels .. etc

So yeah , is iphone ap part of social media ?


If you create an app where people can interact with each other or voice an opinion (ie: provide tips, quantity based discounts, reviews, links, likes, dislikes) then yes, you have created a network of social media within the app. Now take this one step further and monetize this app across Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and you have a full spectrum social media engagement tool. So to answer your question clearly, yes it is, as long as you create a platform for which people can interact and engage with each other.

Originally posted 2016-05-13 22:40:58.