Buy Traffic and Get Your Customers to Behave Behavior Marketing for Targeted Traffic Strategies


Targeted traffic has classically focused on demographics, income, education, socio-economics and related categories. In the new interactive social environment of the web, buying more traffic after a behavior analysis of your targeted traffic audience is done can reap rewarding financial returns.


When you buy traffic exposure for your website where your targeted traffic is, your website will have higher conversion rates. Including a behavioral marketing and targeting strategy in your website’s business development plan can help you identify the most profitable avenues for website exposure that generates targeted traffic. Behavioral marketing has a broad definition. It can be applied to the analytics of your visitor’s behavior while clicking through your website, and it can be applied to your targeted traffic audience’s behavior offline, or on other websites.


Analyzing the click throughs on your website while offering different promotions can give you a more accurate perception of your website visitor’s behavior, and help you determine future strategies for your website’s optimisation. For example, comparing the clicks between coupons offering a substantial discount versus free shipping shows the difference between customer behaviors, and will provide you with concrete evidence for your business decision planning. Examining a high traffic click out rate on a page clearly determines that that webpage is in need of revisions.


Surveys and polls on your website can also help you define the behaviors of your visitors. Question your visitors on what type of electronics they own, the social websites they visit, the amount of time they spend on video websites or listening to podcasts, or what their favorite activities are and how much time they spend on those activities. An accurate picture of the visitors already on your website will give you the ammunition you need to develop a comprehensive customer profile and determine the behavioral actions of your targeted traffic audience.


Once you gather behavioral data from your current website visitors, you can put an action plan into place to buy traffic that specifically reaches the targeted traffic audience that is similar to your customer profile. You can also implement cross-channel marketing plans, (combining web and mobile marketing, or offline and online marketing), develop social media profiles for your website where your targeted traffic market is most likely to be, and upload videos on their favorite video website. If they are interested in gaming, then you will know to buy traffic that targets gaming markets and directories. You will also be able to better determine what other websites they are visiting based on their interests, and you can begin a more thorough competitive analysis of your competition’s presence on those websites. Your behavioral analysis will also provide you with the knowledge necessary to reanalyze your pay-per-click strategies.


Buy traffic and implement promotions and marketing strategies that are built upon your knowledge of your customer’s behavior – online and offline. Targeted traffic marketing must include strategies that keep up with today’s interactive and social web. Behavioral marketing analysis will not only help you buy traffic that gives you a better return on your investment – but it will also get website users behaving how you want – by clicking on your website, and turning into a converted customer. That’s the customer behavior you want.


Lina Smith

Originally posted 2014-05-30 19:45:04.