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Social Media Marketing is a big part of the tool box for an internet marketer. This article discusses Social Media Marketing

Business Development Marketing Social Media Marketing

Business Development Marketing Social Media Marketing

The term Social Media Marketing is a term that talks about a method to drive traffic to your website via social media websites. The efforts for the social media marketer is to create content that will attract the attention of their readers and will make them want to share it via their social network. This can be used by advertisers from the corporate level to a teenager who is trying to get started in blogging. Social media marketing is the new word of mouth.

The thing that makes social media marketing so useful is its accessibility. If you have an internet connection or access to one you can use social media marketing. Brand awareness can go from zero to on fire sometimes within days. The other thing is the relative low cost of entry.

Social media marketing can be broadcast on several outlets and using many methods. This means that it is relatively easy for people to stay in touch and as a result build and improve relationships. This also allows companies to interact with customers and vendors. The feeling of interaction creates a brand loyalty that before was difficult to acquire.

Messages are retweeted or reposted and then comments are added either for or against the message. The information about the product is spread and many times it can take a life of its own. Personal interaction creates loyalty. This almost creates a feel of around the water cooler.

There are different approaches depending on the platform. Here are the most popular.

Twitter – Twitter uses the right at you individual approach. The product and its use has to be explained in a short burst. This message can link to a website, profile, video etc. Twitter happens in real time. Twitter is also very useful in creating a local connection.

Facebook – When you look at a Facebook profile you see a lot of detail. You can have pictures, videos and lengthy descriptions if you like. The use of videos opens the opportunity to explain more about your business or product. Facebook also allows real time promotion. You can invite friends to events, if your content is interesting enough you will have subscriptions from many.

Blogs – Blogging is becoming more and more popular daily. Blogs create an opportunity to allow companies and individuals to provide a degree of originality, accessibility and information expression that is not available with other methods. Blogs allow longer and more lengthy descriptions. The use of testimonials and links to websites and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter is widely used.

LinkedIn – The use of LinkedIn has increased. LinkedIn is a business networking site that allows professionals to create profiles, meet others and network with other professionals. Company pages are available to present your company’s message.

YouTube – The use of videos have been made increasingly popular by YouTube. The use of videos allows messages to be catered to your particular audience in terms

YouTube is another popular avenue; advertisements are done in a way to suit the target audience. The type of language used in the commercials and the ideas used to promote the product reflect the audience’s style and taste. The ability to convey a message in less than 3 minutes is something that YouTube provides.

Social Media Marketing can make a difference in the branding of your business. Taking the time to learn what to do or hiring professional is worth the time and effort if you want to use a cost effective way to promote your products or services.


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This one day social media training workshop will train you to utilize the new media marketing tools of bulletin boards, blogs, videos, photos, social networks and other social media related websites in your online marketing efforts. Distributed by Tubemogul.

Duration : 3 min 32 sec

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