How on earth do I promote/market my social media website?

Hi guys

I have adopted the Million Dollar Homepage model to use for social media, micro-advertising –

So what I mean is that if you twitter or flickr, you can get very cheap advertising on a virtual billboard.

The question is how do I get people to visit my site (especially as the first 100 visitors get free advertising)?

Should I start a blog, buy google ads, comment on high-volume blogs, use squidoo, get a facebook page, try and get someone to write an article, go on forums, use YouTube more (

Any thoughts would be great!!!


London guy

The quickest way will be Pay Per Click. You can land on the front page and see which keywords are performing and which ones are not. Going to facebook, myspace etc. will be much lower volume of traffic but likely convert to a sales at a higher%.

You can start a blog however if your blog is not optimized it will not be seen either. I went to your site and there is a lot of room for optimization and link building.

If you like can provide you with a comprehensive site analysis which will show you what I mean.

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