Internet marketing and SEO – Where should I focus my efforts?

There are so many tactics to boosting your site and keyword rankings. Currently I am trying a little bit of everything such as link building, blog posts, article writing, social media marketing, forum posting, etc. I want to know the tactic(s) that I should be focusing on most because doing all of this is extremely time consuming.

Hay Sarah
Your doing the right thing – just keep at it and you will see results soon – I would advise you to concentrate on one method but this isnt the way to go as you will need a variety of sources for your backlink building strategy.
What I mean by this is that its important to use all the methods you mentioned and some more – if i was doing my seo work then for the offsite work I would be doing the following

article marketing
blog commenting
forum postings
rss feed sumissions
directory submissions
profile backlinking
web 2.0 account creations-such as hubpages -squidoo lenses
blog creations
software submissions

just to name a few – please stay away from link farms and devalued directories – Also its not a good idea to do reciprocal linking.

when you create your backlinks use your keywords as the anchor text. also you will need to make sure you have optimised your pages properly – so pay attention and use your keywords in your

meta description
meta keywords
heading tags
body text

Also make sure you have a sitemap and use latent symentic indexing. Its also advisable to make sure your internal linking structure is good

hope this helps

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