Marketing Communication

The concept of marketing communication is shifting in this fast changing world. Businesses are seeing the emergency of new world, a world of information and complex communication networks.  The new communicator’s task is to process and channel the right people at the right time and channel the right way. Peter Duckers makes the point that “Innovation are begin with abandonment it’s what you stop that counts.

Peter Ducker once said that purpose of business is not to make sale, but how to make a customer ‘the customer today has a variety of choices when it comes for buying a product /services. Most of us who work in marketing communication business today grew up during the year mass communication developed around the world.

 Marketing communication actually deals with one of the most popular aspects of the five Ps of marketing –promotion. The other four are product, pricing, place and people. There are closely related to marketing communication but its real function with promotion. Several communication channels which constitute the promotion mix are available to an organization for carrying out the promotional activity.

From verbal to Visual

                                  If you are the age of 40, there is a good chance you were joined as a verbal communicator. You are trained throughout your carrier in spelling, grammar, how to phrase sentences, how not to dangle participles and so on. The emphasis was on writing and reading skills. Therefore you are like your parents before you a member of a verbal generation.


                     If you are under 40, chances are you are member of the visual generation, this generation; this generation was raised on TV, movies speeches MTV and the spoken world. The educational emphasis although we don’t like to acknowledge it, was on sounds, symbols, signs, pictures and icons with which you learned to communicate with you.

Medium of marketing communication

              Marketing communication integrates humanities, social sciences and business administration to prepare managers for building a realistic strategies in the  integrated

Fields of realistic strategies in the integrated fields of advertising, public relations, brand communication direct / data base marketing, sales, promotion and e-commerce.

How marketing communication work:-

           Marketing communication supports streamlines and mechanizes the selling effort


First sales call-

                 Even before the sales person reaches the prospective customers and tries to explain to him/her the various features to promote sale, the marketing communication might have already created a desire to know more in the minds of the customer.

Considering the media carefully

If your target audience is very broad such as national market for medium priced automobiles, the media planner will probably select a network TV which had a broad reach . If the target is narrower and specialized audience such as women’s magazines, would be selected.

Selling when the sales representative is not there

Either when the sales representative has not reached the customer or when he/ she has called explained the product and left, it is easy for the customer to go back to the marketing communication.

Written pamphlets

   Generally one component of marketing communication could be written pamphlets/ information brochures telling the details of the product.

This new concept which is called marketing communication is the judicious and

effective use of the product promotional tools so that universal clear and effective promotional message is communicated among the target audience.

                                                                                                         Lec. Sumitra Biswal



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