Pump Up Your Sales With Mobile and Social Media Marketing

Consumers no longer sit still and absorb your marketing. They are on the move and they are connected. They want direct access and interaction with your business. They are mobile and social. Leverage that combination in your marketing strategy.

Creating a mobile or social media marketing strategy can be exactly the tipping point your business needs in 2009. Consumers are increasingly mobile and socially connected. Consumers are constantly connected with friends, family, and community–make sure that is how you connect too.

Mobile Marketing

The cell phone is the average American’s constant companion. So much so it seems more likely to walk out of the house without your pants than your mobile phone.

In fact a growing number of consumers are abandoning their home and office phone for a mobile only lifestyle. This is a great opportunity for creative mobile marketing strategies.

John Edwards used mobile marketing at political rallies you capture opt-in text messaging numbers. He would hold up his mobile phone and ask everyone to text a specific number to sign-up for campaign updates. That is just one of many emerging mobile marketing concepts engaging consumers:

* Sports networks are using it to update you on your favorite team
* T-shirt and bumper stickers are displaying text codes for promos
* Realtors are using it on For Sale Signs
* Cable news networks are using it to take real-time surveys and polls

Getting in the mobile marketing game is critical to your business, regardless of the size.

Social Media

Like mobile marketing, social media is becoming a required tool in your marketing kit. The Internet is becoming a seamless part of not only our workflow, but also our lifestream. Every moment of many of the most attractive consumer segments are spent connected. Connect not only to the Internet, but also to their social networks.

Like the Clue Train Manifesto, a prophetic book about the coming of Web 2.0, predicted markets are becoming conversations. If you are not in these conversations you are losing opportunities.

Your marketing plan need to include social networking and social media. Building an audience is important. You need to meet and activate your community where they are–Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Putting it Together for PR & Branding

Of course mobile marketing and social media are unlikely to give you results without a plan–objectives that build your PR and branding. Start by planning your core messages and perceptions you want to build in the market. Which lets you fully leverage these emerging marketing opportunities.

Bill Rice

Originally posted 2010-02-26 17:52:31.