Social Media. Is it just hype, or is it the real thing?

The Direct Marketing Association thinks it’s the real thing. They’re even promoting their annual conference on Myspace:

I’m not sure what to think. What about you?

I’ve been an online networker at a business networking site for just over four years now ( and I get about half of my business clients through that one site. But don’t be fooled. It’s not like you throw up a MySpace page and suddenly you’re swamped with sales. There’s a lot more to it than that.

Political candidates who use social networking sites? Remember that they are doing all kinds of things offline to drive traffic online to their page, network, blog whatever. The fact that there was a Democratic presidential debate through YouTube is a very good sign that this way of getting exposure is for real. But it wasn’t YouTube alone – it was YouTube in concert with CNN that brought it tons of attention. Online strategies work better when they are dovetailed with offline strategies.

If you are just trying to use online strategies because you’re trying to do it all on a shoestring budget you should also be doing things like article marketing, affiliate programs and more. Oh, and you need to be building relationships with people who will come to trust you over time and then MAYBE they’ll do business with you. It works – but it’s not instant.

The way I get clients is that people get to know me at my online network I’ve had for over three years and I’ve worked very hard to build a sterling reputation and about 2,000 members. Once in awhile someone asks me about my services and I refer her to my site. The site contains a lot of information about what working with me is like and ends with a questionnaire in which they are told that if they answer I will connect with them by email to schedule a one on one phone or skype meeting to answer their questions, tell them my rates, etc. I’m very clear about that.

So, I don’t get a lot of leads – but usually by the time I do get leads they are pretty well qualified due to the way that I’ve written the copy on my site to draw in people who are more likely to be serious about working with me and filter out those who are not.

All the best,

Denise Michaels
Author, “Testosterone-Free Marketing”

Originally posted 2016-05-23 08:13:08.