Social Media Speaker Shane Gibson on Social Media Marketing (HQ) excerpts from Shane Gibson’s seminar on social media that was delivered to a seminar group organized by Seminarium in Santiago Chile. April 2009.

About the Seminar:

How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down

Its not who you know but who knows you in todays hyper-connected marketplace. The consumer now owns your brand, and in order to profit from this new dynamic, we need a solid strategy and set of principles to engage the marketplace.

Understanding the role social media and social networking play in this new dynamic, is paramount to our future success as sales professionals, marketers, and corporations. In this fast paced webinar Shane Gibson and Stephen Jagger will share with you:

* The new rules of engagement in sales and marketing
* How anyone can become a global brand in their niche using social media
* How to effectively and profitably implement social media in your business
* The Role of Social Media in the Sales Process
* The top global social media and networking tools and trends for 2009 and beyond

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Duration : 0:7:18

[youtube zJROZ7Pj08Y]

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