Up4Sale NZ – Up for Sale- New Zealand’s Free Online Auctions and Online Stores- Online Shopping

I am happy to introduce Up4Sale.co.nz, the new online shopping marketplace in New Zealand.
With Up4Sale you can easily open your own online store. Why do this?
Unlike other shopping websites, Up4Sale is a collection of small businesses’ online stores. An Up4Sale Store is a comprehensive E-Commerce solution that gives you a better connection with New Zealand’s online shopping marketplace and access to the millions of buyers worldwide who shop on Up4Sale. You get exclusive merchandising tools, plus great customization features to build a strong brand that keeps customers coming back. By showcasing all of your merchandise in one location, an Up4Sale Store creates a central shopping destination where buyers can learn more about you, your products, and your policies.
Here at Up4Sale we bring people together, so they can find you, your products and your services easily. It takes less than five minutes to create your own online store and our plans start at less than $1 a day!
Up4Sale.co.nz gives you total control over your content: you design your storefront with colours, fonts, tables, media, YouTube videos and Flash animations. At the end of the sale you can accept Visa card payments, issue invoices with your details and track customers’ orders. All of this with no long term commitment plans or expensive consulting expenditure- our plans start at $1 a day!
We value people like you who are willing to take their time to help us, a young kiwi company, to build the largest online shopping marketplace in New Zealand, so we are attaching a gift voucher (please note, this voucher is time limited).
We have invested thousands of hours and immense funds in the development of our platform, business strategies and marketing campaigns just to bring you the best online shopping experience. We are very proud of the results and we are so determined to make it work, that we have decided to establish a Non-Profit Policy for the first time in New Zealand (and as far as we know in the world). In the next two years all the income …

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Professional Development

Lynette Lewis discusses purpose in your job.
You were created for a purpose!

Duration : 38 sec

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Jim Rohn – How to have Your Best Year Ever 2 of 3

50% off select Jim Rohn products.

Results is the Name of the Game!

Jim Rohn is a philosopher, motivational counselor, business executive, and bestselling author. He has been recognized as the greatest motivational speaker of all time. He is one of the world’s most sought-after success counselors and business philosophers, with some of his most thought-provoking topics being sales and entrepreneurial skills, leadership, sales and marketing, success and personal development.

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Best Small Business Strategies

This video gives effective small business tips and advice on how to increase your sales through efficient small business marketing strategies. Fast Business Profits also helps you
increase your business profits by spending less on marketing.

Duration : 7 min 1 sec

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Steps To Develop New Business

People go on vacation or a trip almost daily. They would not think of getting started without looking at a map, watching a weather report, and or making sure they have enough money to make the trip. Yet every day people attempt to improve their “business” without any real planning. This really doesn’t make any […]

VSM interviews Bob Nappa, VP Business Development, Virtensys

Carryl Roy of Virtual Strategy Magazine interviews Robert Nappa, Vice President of Business Development at Virtensys, at VMworld 2010.


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The Biggest Marketing Mistake

Entrepreneurs must include a powerful follow-up plan in their business. http://www.bizology.biz
Leads are just the first step. The biggest mistake an entrepreneur can make is in NOT following up.
Business Success Coach, Donna Price, shares strategies.

Duration : 1 min 18 sec

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Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services is a team of professionals based in Nashville, Tennessee available to ghostwrite, edit, or proofread a wide variety of writing and editing projects such as books, articles, brochures, biographical sketches, resumes, media releases, Web text, newsletters, grants, and other business documents.

The team’s writing instructors can help any writer take his or her writing skills to the next level. We provide excellent exposure for authors’ books through virtual book tours, social marketing campaigns, blogging, radio/podcast interviews, book reviews, media releases, article marketing, media kits, one-pagers, and sell sheets this company offers. Get help with query letters and book proposals for traditional publishers as well as interior layout for self-published books.

Premier customer service, prompt turnaround, affordable prices we offering a quick and easy method for outsourcing all of your writing and editing needs regardless of the size of your project! You will find us online at http://writersinthesky.com

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I am creating a social networking website.. Do I have to patent my idea to keep it protected?

Dear Yahoo! Members, My partner’s and I have recently invested in a server, and are creating a small, but unique social networking idea that will be initially a local system for local members of nearby schools. Furthermore, in the short future, once the site is online and up, I intend to create a Business Plan […]

Digital Branding

vertical product slot

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