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What is a good job search engine for PR/Journalism/Marketing?

Are there any job search engines for someone who has majored in Communication Arts, in the track of Journalism & PR? I have used craigslist, monster, local newspapers, non-profit websites, but desire to find more… I appreciate any information. Thanks! Originally posted 2010-03-03 12:21:24.

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What kind of positions could I get in a career in Marketing?

Whats the job title, and what I would be doing? I know there are different areas in which marketing covers, such as: research, analysis, creative department, and so on. I would love for someone to elaborate on these, and more, areas in which marketing covers. What is the income of someone in the creative department.…

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What are some different marketing business professions?

I am finishing up my Bachelors degree in Marketing and will be starting my MBA following. I am wondering what different professions are out there and a job description with them for those with a marketing degree. I know of these: Marketing Manager Marketing Assistant Manager Brand Manager Investment Bankers What are many others that…

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