5 Essential Steps To Improve Your Video Marketing

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Twenty years ago videos were an oddity that was used by MTV and people on vacation. To really have a quality video you had to spend thousands of dollars. That is an issue of the past. Today there are video cameras in cell phones that will shoot quality videos that can be up loaded onto the internet with very little effort. That opens up unlimited possibilities.

The viewing of videos has increased exponentially over time. The growth of views grew by 124% from 2008 to 2009. This level is expected to continue to grow. This would make you think that online entertainment is replacing TV viewing. The opposite is true. In 2007, 82% of the people surveyed said that their online viewing had not reduced their TV viewing. This opens up endless possibilities for online video marketing.

In order to take advantage of this opportunity, online marketers should remember these 5 tips when they are preparing to enter the arena of video marketing.

  1. Longer is not better – The most effective videos are 15 seconds in length. This means they are shorter than the average TV spot. In todays face paced world shorter and to the point is better.
  2. The 3 most important things are content, content and content – Sites that are rich in content will move up in the SERPS. This means when someone is searching for the products you are advertising you are more likely to show up. The content needs to be relevant. If you niche is sports then the current political news should not show up on your site and vice versa. Keep on topic.
  3. Measure your results and follow the trends – There are plenty of third party research sites out there that can analyze your site and provide the information you need. Look at which videos are the most effective. Try to find similarities in the videos that work. That will improve the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign. Don’t guess if you are effective in your approach know that you are. The numbers will not lie.
  4. Be consistent – Cross media advertising takes a velvet hand. This is the finesse part of advertising. Don’t force it and don’t simply duplicate what you have used in one niche. Look for commonality but make sure each one is topic appropriate.
  5. Leverage, leverage, leverage – While the cost of producing videos has gone down, high quality videos can still is costly. This means that creating networks especially in the beginning can be advantageous. Pool your resources with other sites or networks whenever possible. Work with others until you can afford to go on your own. Outsourcing is certainly an option.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. The world of viral video marketing is ever changing. The possibilities are endless. Keep your eyes open for changing trends they could be the next opportunity.

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