Challenges and Obstacles Faced by Network Marketing Representatives

Representatives in the network marketing business face challenges every day. Lots of people fear network marketing because of difficulties like these:

–    The fear of rejection:

The fear of rejection is a valid fear, but it is also the most defeating fear. This fear keeps people from achieving their dreams or reaching their true potential. It is so devastating that some don’t even get started in this business! Even if someone has the dream of achieving freedom from their job, they refuse to join the network marketing opportunity because their dreams are stifled by the word, “NO”. A lot of network marketing representatives also lack self-confidence. They are not clear about what their motivation is when they approach others about their network marketing opportunity. That is why they fail to succeed.

–    The fear of losing friends:

Network marketing businesses teach representatives how to work with their warm market. But it is the fear of losing friends that keeps network marketing representatives holding back. It’s a very common tendency to get a guilty complex. But we are supposed to share good things with our friends, such as a good movie or a great restaurant. We already do this naturally because there are no strings attached. However, when you throw in an incentive or return, the dynamics change. People who try to ‘sell’ to their friends do it in the wrong way. You must have a very clear understanding when you share with your friends about your network marketing business. Do you truly want to help your friends out with your successful business or your excellent product, or are you just using them for profit?

–    Scams in network marketing:

Sometimes, it is hard to point out a network marketing scam. Some of the products and services out there seem like wonderful ideas at the moment. But in a couple of years, things have changed. You have to be very careful when it comes to figuring out which are scams. Check out the background of those in the management team. Figure out whether entry level representative positions will help you create a return on your investment. Don’t be scammed into front-loading product. Make sure your uplines are in it for the long haul. Are they going to help you succeed, or are they going to use you for their own profit?

–    Inability to create new representatives:

Some representatives in network marketing are great at building their own network. But there’s one issue: they don’t’ create representatives that are just like themselves. Network marketing is a system for an entire network, not just one representative. Everyone works as a team towards a common goal.  But not all the people in your down line have the same strong motivation, charisma, and experience. You have to invest the time to teach your down line how to succeed in your network marketing business. If you don’t, you’re going to lose your representatives after months of investment, and have to start to build your team again.

Jaz Lai

Originally posted 2013-08-30 18:40:26.