Is Your Network Marketing System Solid?

Something you should know before I tell you what I think is the solid network marketing system. Network Marketing is rigid. Be honest and do not fool yourself and most of all do not try network marketing unless you have a good plan into place with a potent and very duplicable network marketing system.

This is one reason why network marketing is notorious for having a 95% failure rate. Why, you are asking.

Here are some of the reasons of why such a large percent fail.

Marketing methods that are taught do not work 95% of the time. Old school and experience has taught me that marketers are to purchase and cold call leads. You will learn that after hours and hours and money thrown out the window it had very little success. However, some network marketers are in their comfort zone and doing very well with cold calling. Good for them. The ones that have lost countless hours and thousands of dollars give up.

Speaking of leads, most are generic. The failure in this is the type of leads you use comes from an ad wanting prospects who what to be financially free or just make money from home, very general or generic.  Since the generic leads most of the time does not have anything to do with YOUR business you will get a lot on “NOs” another reason to give up and add to the 95% of failure rate. This with failure is very negative and the network marketer is giving up again with no self-assurance and no new prospects.

So how do we change this pattern? We build a solid Network Marketing System! For the typical home based network marketer to be victorious and financially free a positive mania MUST be in place. Through the years of being taught and learning on my experience, I have found the information below will be an aide to all network marketers.

Lead Capture Page: Must be intended exclusively for your specific Network Marketing Company. This Page must contain STRONG sales copy that lets the prospect know why s/he wants to opt in for additional information. Offer a High Value Free Report in exchange for their contact info. The free report must be extremely helpful. It must give details of all the features and benefits of joining the network marketing organization as an independent distributor and must focus on the support and resources available to the new prospect should they decide to purchase a distributorship. The business’s goods and reimbursement plan must be without a doubt explained. Finally on the Lead Capture page testimonials should be included testimonials are very powerful sales and conversion tools.

Follow up Email System: A system that continually markets through emails. I will tell you that most leads do not act immediately and must be marketed to at the minimum of seven times before they will give a response yes or no. This email follow-up system must have strong sales copy. Make sure this system can get through the spam systems out there.

A Repetitive Response System: This feedback system that will let you know the new prospect has opt into the system via email and bring into play the worry of losing by telling the prospect that if the next prospect in line advances to a paid position before s/he does then s/he will loose commission on that prospect.

Strong Supportive Training: Just because a prospect has opted in, as a distributor does not mean that s/he will succeed. There must be an email follow-up system to ensure that s/he receives more that adequate training and support on how to market successfully. Now is when you come into play. There must be a STRONG relationship built between the up line and the new prospect.

How Good Is the Product or Service:  To ensure that the entire marketing method works the system must be supported by a strong and honorable network marketing association that sells a superior needed product that people would even purchase with or without a compensation plan.

It Is Your Turn: Work and lead with your heart. You must have a passion for your business and really believe in the product that you are promoting. Be an active part of your business. You must be helpful, willing and open to learn new ideas and tactics at all times.

In the end: Now ask yourself if you are using a solid network marketing system. Are those hours and dollars that you are spending making you money?

Glenn Mosser

Originally posted 2016-02-09 04:28:53.