Viral Marketing Tips: How to Create a Great Viral Video

It’s one of the biggest accomplishments you can do with video: Getting people to think that your video is so great that they want to share it with the world! So, what are some of the great examples that we can look to? Well, the first one that I think of right off of the top of my head is the video on YouTube called “Numa Numa.” Now, I have no idea what Numa means, but it was one of the few emails that someone sent me with a video that I actually saw and enjoyed. It has surpassed the 13 million views mark and I think that this video is hilarious, plus for some reason I really like the song.

Another great viral video that comes to mind is the video “Hahaha.” That is the one with the baby sitting in his highchair that is laughing hysterically while his father makes a high pitched “boing” sound. At the time that I am writing this article, it has about 70 million views on YouTube.

Now, those two videos are great examples, but if you are an internet marketer reading this article, then what you really want to know is how to create a great viral video that isn’t just about babies or grown men acting funny. What you want is your expertise to be shared with everyone else. Well, lucky for you, I do have a couple of viral marketing examples that have accomplished this feat. These are examples of great viral content from people who weren’t necessarily doing something funny.

One of my personal favorites is the StomperNet Going Natural 2 video. Now, this video hasn’t exactly been put on a bunch of social networking sites, and that is due to the fact that it is about 1 hour long. BUT! This video still is a great example of a great viral video. This is because this video reveals a whole lot of information that many people would normally charge you hundreds of dollars for. It was like the eBook “Million Dollar Emails,” but in video form. If you aren’t familiar with this eBook, then just so you know, this was an eBook compiled by Yanik Silver that is one of the greatest examples of a successful viral eBook.

Now, both of these resources, the StomperNet video and Yanik’s eBook are both free in most cases (sorry if you paid for Yanik’s book by the way, many people share it for free). Both of these resources are so great that I still refer to them at times. I have opened my copy of Yanik’s eBook and have read from it various times over the past year. Also, I have watched the StomperNet video at least a few times.

So, now it’s time to answer the question on how to make a great viral video. First of all, you already know that if tons of people think that your video is funny, then your video might already go viral. The bad thing is a funny video isn’t going to make you any money. A funny video can make you a little famous, but it isn’t going to pay the bills. Your only hope with funny videos is to try and create tons of them with the hopes of becoming a famous comedian or something.

So, what is the way to make a viral video that will also generate some income? If you are going to make a great viral video that isn’t funny, then it has to be great and preferably new information that you are going to share with everyone. It needs to be stuff that you would normally see people sell, but for your own reasons, today you are giving it away for free. It needs to be like the StomperNet video or Yanik’s book. And if people really think that the info you are giving away for free is worth a good amount of money, then they will gladly share it with everyone else providing you with the viral marketing you were looking for.

Daniel Pereira